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What's the importance of fasteners?

The fasteners are really important for every garage door since they keep together other garage door parts. Without them we couldn't assembly the garage door mechanism. By fasteners we actually mean all the little hardware – from nuts and screws to bolts and hooks – that fasten other parts and secure the brackets and garage door hinges.

When should I replace the opener?

Garage door openers must surely be replaced when they're old and don't comply with the current regulations of your safety. In fact, all major manufacturers insist that customers with such old openers manufactured prior to 1993 must replace the units. Other than that you must replace it only when it doesn't serve your needs or it's damaged.

What is a carriage style garage door?

A carriage garage door is a type of door that replicates the appearance of doors in carriage houses in the 19th and 20th century. This type of door comes in different materials and can be made from wood, wood composite, and steel.

How do I align my garage door opener sensors?

Garage door opener works only if the sensors are aligned. If you are having problems with your door operation, it could be that the sensors are misaligned. Push the sensors back until they are facing each other. The green LED light indicates that alignment is successful.

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