Accident Story - Accident Story, Oh No!

Accident Story - Accident Story, Oh No!

Garage doors are an essential part that needs to be fixed efficiently in order to avoid any accidents.

There was a time once a while back where there was an accident with the garage door caused by our car. What had happened was that my husband, the driver, was not being mindful about the driving and while putting the car into reverse, he forgot to open the garage door via the button that opens it in the car. Therefore, naturally, when the car was put into reverse, the car crashed into the door. While my husband got out of the car, I looked at the damages that we would have to repair. The impact from the car was so great that the garage door went off track, and there was a huge dent in the center of it all.

In retrospect, it is actually quite a funny story, but at the time, it was a great catastrophe

We had no idea know what to do in that moment. We didn't even have the sense to try and find someone to call for repairs right away. My husband had to call a friend so that he could get to work, and I ran around the house like a chicken with its head cut off, until my own friend sent me a text and told me of this residential garage door service company that would repair all of the damage at a low cost in comparison to other places.

They responded to my call right away and sent a couple of people to work on their new project. It turned out that the door was off track a little bit already from the start, so naturally such a huge impact from the car accident was going to completely throw it off further. After putting it back on its track, they also offered to fix the huge dent in the door while they were there.

Thanks to them and their garage door adjustment techniques, we are now more mindful of our driving and of our surroundings.

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